Burning Mouth Syndrome

This week I came across a really interesting piece of research which looked at the possibility of using acupuncture to treat burning mouth syndrome. The research was published in the journal Nature and is called “Burning mouth syndrome – is acupuncture a therapeutic possibility ?” G. Scardina, A Ruggieri, F. Provenzano and P. Messina. I Continue reading »

Cold in Chinese Medicine

As the snow falls heavily outside, it seems a good time to talk about Cold and the way its seen in Chinese Medicine. One of the interesting things about Chinese Medicine is the emphasis that is placed on our environment. Cold in the environment is seen as one of the six external causes of disease. Continue reading »

Study trip to Beijing – 2016

  One of the best things I have done so far in my training in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine was to take part in an internship in Beijing with Dr. Suzanne Robidoux and Dr Feng Shi Lin. We visited with Dr Feng and observed him diagnose and treat patients. He practices a classical tradition Continue reading »

ARRC 16th International Acupuncture Research Symposium

This weekend in London the 16th International Acupuncture Research Symposium will be taking place. I am looking forward to attending and finding out more about the various different research projects that have been taking place. In particular there is Lily Lai’s talk on her PhD research into the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine for Polycistic Continue reading »

Battlefield Acupuncture

This week, I attended a talk in Bristol about Battlefield Acupuncture. It is a protocol of five points that can be used on the ear, which can easily be done in difficult conditions, such as on the battlefield. It was developed in 2001 by an American military acupuncturist Richard Niemtzow.  It involves the use of Continue reading »

ACT Berks Launch Event

On March 3rd, there will be the official launch of the Acupuncture from Conception to Childbirth Team in Berkshire. It will take place at Wokingham Town Hall from 7.45pm to 9.30pm. Its a free event, open to all who are interested in how acupuncture can be used to support fertility and during pregnancy and childbirth. Continue reading »

Zita West Clinic Training Day

Am really looking forward to attending the next Zita West Training Day.  Amongst the subjects we will be covering are new frontiers in IVF treatment, Dr George Ndukwe, the Medical Director at the Zita West Clinic will be taking about new assisted conception technologies such as EEva , Embryoglu, Endometrial Scratch and IMSI. As well Continue reading »

Acupuncture and Osteoarthritis

According to recent research by the charity Arthritis Research UK, acupuncture is the most effective complementary therapy for treating Osteoarthritis. It also scores highly for other chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions. The report compared 25 different complementary therapies and each was scored according to its effectiveness on a scale of one to five, based on published Continue reading »

Acupuncture Awareness Week (25th February to 3rd March 2013)

Acupuncture Awareness Week aims to educate people about how traditional acupuncture can help improve sleep and aid relaxation. In the UK, research shows that two thirds of people are getting less than the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. Acupuncture is a surprisingly relaxing treatment and people often comment about how they feel after Continue reading »