Cold in Chinese Medicine

As the snow falls heavily outside, it seems a good time to talk about Cold and the way its seen in Chinese Medicine. One of the interesting things about Chinese Medicine is the emphasis that is placed on our environment. Cold in the environment is seen as one of the six external causes of disease. So over exposure to cold weather, not wrapping up warmly is thought to have longer term affects on the body.

One of the symptoms of Cold affecting the body is intense pain, that is improved with warmth. Very often the diagnosis of severe period pain can be diagnosed in TCM as Cold affecting the channels.  Other conditions which get worse with cold – such as osteoarthritis are diagnosed as Cold affecting the channels.

The treatment with Chinese Medicine will be to warm the channels, either with a herb called Moxa (mugwort) or with my trusty heat lamp.

So as the snow falls and the cold wind blows, make sure you wrap up warm….